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Music fountains can also be called dancing fountains, which means that the water type of the fountain changes regularly according to the melody and rhythm of playing music, supplemented by changes in lights, lasers and other media. or use broadcast play and follow the pre-edited program to change the shape of the water spray and the intensity of the light color to change the fountain. Musical fountains can be seen everywhere in our life, whether it is shopping malls, city squares, hotels and B&Bs, scenic parks, and even living community, creating a place for our lives to interact with water and dance with music. The musical fountain has the function of moisturizing the surrounding air for people, optimizing the surrounding environment,

Improve the city's cultural and artistic appearance, improve visibility and other advantages.

The advantages of musical fountains:

1. The application of the musical fountain project can not only moisten the surrounding air for people, but also reduce some dust, and the impact of water droplets and air will also produce a large amount of negative oxygen that is beneficial to the human body

Ions can improve people's health.

2. It can not only optimize the surrounding environment, improve the cultural and artistic appearance of the city, but also bring beautiful enjoyment to people.

3, to improve visibility, is the city's business card.

4. A powerful propaganda method in business will have a sensational effect and double the commercial value.

Precautions for the construction of musical fountains:

1. Before installing the pipeline, the pipe bore should be cleaned, the main pipe should be horizontal, the riser should be vertical and the main line should be fixed. The rust and welding slag should be removed before the pipeline is painted with anti-rust paint. The installation of the water pump should be firm and stable.

2. Lighting installation: positioning lamps, making and installing lamp clips, and fixing lamps.

3. Cable laying and waterproof connection: The cables of the pump and lamp are routed according to regulations, and the principle of reducing underwater joints is to connect the cables (heat-shrinkable tubes are waterproof), and the cables are concentrated into the cables.

Pipes, cables are sealed with rubber near the bell mouth, pumps and lamp wires are numbered according to the figure, and the cable through pipes can be laid along the cable trench to the control room, and into the power distribution cabinet through the cable bridge.

4. Installation of power distribution control equipment: The control and power distribution equipment are placed in the control room according to the diagram, and the load equipment is connected to the corresponding terminals of the power distribution equipment according to the cable number.

Why choose us ? 

Music Fountain Design/Dancing Fountain Design choose us is your best choice. We has designed and manufactured the large-scale water dance show in Samarkand for the SCO in 2022,he large-scale water dance show in Lanhe River in China  the water dance show in 5A-level Russian Matryoshka Scenic Spot,  the largest football stadium in China—Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium Music Fountain,China Anlu Dongda International Business Center Music Fountain. These cases are enough to show that we have a strong ability to design and build musical fountains. Do you also want to design a musical fountain? Please contact us for the cost and specifics of building a light and music fountain.China Sichuan Pengxi River Floating Music Fountain, 


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