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Custom Light Music Fountain


Custom Light Music Fountain

A custom light music fountain is a type of water fountain that combines the sights and sounds of flowing water with lights and music. The water is typically sprayed into the air in a choreographed pattern that is synchronized with the music, creating a dynamic and visually stunning display. Custom music dancing fountain with led lights can be designed to fit a variety of settings and budgets, and can be created for both indoor and outdoor use. They are often used in public spaces, such as parks and gardens, as well as in private homes and commercial settings.

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The Process of Custom Light Music Fountain:

Email/phone Communication:Understand customer needs through email/phone

Project Materials: Obtain relevant project information according to the actual needs of customer

Design concept plan: Conceptual plan for making a music fountain

signing the contract: Sign the engineering contract after reaching an agreement

Animation presentation scheme: Make engineering drawings and musical fountain demonstration animations

Engineering Equipment Production: Fountain engineering equipment processing and production

Equipment Installation: After equipment approach, arrange professionals to arrive at the site to guide equipment installation

Debugging and Delivery: Project commissioning, guiding on-site personnel to operate and maintain.

FAQ About Custom Light Music Fountain:

Q: What information do I need to provide before I get a quote of the fountain?

Re: Confirm some of the questions below. 

1. Determine what type of fountain you need (musical or non-musical, etc.) 2. What is the size of the fountain installation site and fountain? (pictures or CAD drawings) 3. Water quality (freshwater or sea water) 4. Fountain budget (if you have) 5. Special requirements (if any) 

Q: Is your fountain company well known in the fountain industry? 

Re: Yes, We are famous brand. We are one of the top fountain enterprises in the fountain industry. We've been in the fountain business for 20 years.

Q: How long does the fountain design take?

Re: 2-3 days for design, and 7 days if you want to do the animation,

Q: Do you offer installation services?

Re: We will send engineers overseas to guide our customers in installation

Q: How long does production take?

Re: It usually takes about 20-30 days.

Q: What warranty does your product have

Re: We provide 2 year warranty for the pump and LED lights, and the lifetime warranty for other parts. Every year we will send an installer to the site to maintain the equipment.

Custom Light Music Fountain


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