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Water Curtain Movies Design choose us. We have rich experience in Customized Laser Water Curtain projects. Please get in touch with us. Water Curtain Movies is also called water screen movies. The water curtain movies technology is a multimedia technology in which a beam of light shines on the water surface, showing a strong three-dimensional movies effect. Water curtain movies were produced in the late 1980s, but in the early days, they only appeared in big cities in some countries such as France and Japan. Due to the unparalleled optical effect of water curtain movies, when the movie is played, the colors are fresh and vivid, and the subtitles are clear.

The Water Curtain Movies is usually more than 20 meters high and 30-60 meters wide. When the water curtain movie is played, the picture has a strong sense of three-dimensionality and space. The characters seem to take off from the sky or fall from the sky, and they are integrated with the natural night sky. This kind of ethereal and dreamy feeling, coupled with the laser pattern, the scene is even more grand and majestic. Water curtain movies are suitable for major festivals, large squares, and theme parks.

Advantage of Water Curtain Movies:

1. The water curtain movies is huge: the general small water curtain movies is close to 10 meters in length and width, and the area is about 100 square meters; the large lake water curtain can be more than 150 meters long and 30 meters high, and its night view effect is better than that of the city. The landmark buildings are also clear. This water curtain movies can also be adapted to local conditions, such as using local waterfalls and other facilities. The super large water curtain is unmatched by other technologies.

2. Various forms: relatively simple ones with pool planes, rectangular vertical planes, irregular vertical planes, and 360-degree annular three-dimensional ones. At the beginning of 2011, the circular water curtain movies was officially released in Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

3. Shocking visual impact: With the super-power sound effect, the unpredictable laser beam, like a mirage, makes the audience near the scene feel a mysterious and magical fairyland.

4. Wide audience: not only close-up, but also far-sighted. Of course, depending on the viewing position and angle, the effects will vary greatly. For example, watching by the lake, watching high-rise buildings nearby, watching from a distance or aerial photography, etc. In short, there is always a free way to watch water screen movies.


Essentials for Design and Building a Water Screen Movie:

1. For water curtain movies, resources should be set in places near water, such as rivers, lakes, artificial ponds, large-scale water, etc.

2. The water curtain movies should be less windy outdoors or at night, in a place with little wind.

3. The water curtain generator should have high water head, low flow, and even flow spray, so that more water is on the fan-shaped surface, which can and resist 3-level wind.

Types of water curtain movies:

  1. Water curtain type: Relatively speaking, its investment is relatively small and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that the scene is small and the effect is poor. It will be used for small performances and small advertisements.

2. Large-scale water curtains: The water curtains we generally refer to are all of this type, and the scene has a large audience. It uses a high-pressure water pump and a special nozzle to spray water at high speed from the bottom to the top to atomize the water to form a water film "screen" in the air. Laser animation and movies are imaged on the atomized screen. The advantage is that the scene is the largest, and the disadvantage is that the capital investment is amazing and the maintenance cost is high in the later period. Generally, it is a temporary performance, and there are few fixed ones. Because the screen is a transparent water film, it has a special optical perspective effect when the image is played, and the displayed picture has a three-dimensional effect, which is close to the holographic effect, and the audience has a strong sense of immersion.3. Water surface type: Generally, it is directly projected on the lake surface, pool surface, or one side of the glass wall filled with water. The advantage is that the effect is relatively good, and the disadvantage is that the venue is too special and the audience is relatively small.

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