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Digital water curtain is also called graphic water curtain, numerical control water curtain and electronic water curtain. It can be roughly divided into two categories: interactive water curtain, projection water curtain. Digital water curtains are commonly found in shopping malls, office buildings, sales offices of real estate model rooms, etc. Its expression form is relatively simple, and it can show text patterns and other forms with water bodies. The content is also rich. Put the desired pattern on the computer and play it with one button, which can meet the common needs of decoration and beautification in the environment.

The function of digital water curtain:

1. Running function: The water curtain jumps with the music, and there are dozens of changes in running.

2. Graphic and text function: It can print logo standard patterns, text, Chinese characters, English, and has two text functions of concave and convex. The designed graphics can be displayed, and there are two functions of concave and convex.

3. Sound control function: Under the illumination of colored lights, perform rich effects according to the rhythm of the music.

4. Interactive function: It can interact with human and machine, and has the function of handwriting input.


How does Digital water curtain work?

Digital water curtain is composed of flowing water, and the flowing water wall can display various patterns and text information styles under the precise control of the computer. The digital water curtain edits the BMP material pictures through the control software, and controls the switching time of the water curtain solenoid valve according to the edited picture, so that the water curtain forms a text pattern change consistent with the material picture. The digital water curtain is highly ornamental and attractive, and very interesting.


What does digital water curtain consist of?

The basic components are:

1. Custom Aluminum Truss Structure

2. Ultra Fast Action Valve, Nozzle

3. RGBW LED Projector

4. Motion detection sensor

5. Control System, Controlidor software


Custom/Design digital water curtain:

Dalisi can custom different shapes and sizes: round, irregular, etc., creating unique architectural spaces, adapting its structure and shape to blend in with its surroundings. We also custom graphic resolution of Digital Water Curtain (DWC).


If you want to custom/design a unique water curtain, please get in touch with us



1. What are the dimensions of the Dalisi Digital water curtain?

we can build the dimensions of your choice.

2. Are Dalisi Digital water curtains wind resistant?

Our digital water curtains are generally not torn by wind

3. Can Dalisi Graphic water curtains be used indoors/outdoors?

Dalisi digital water curtain can be used indoors and outdoors.

4. How to Install a Digital Water Curtain?

We provide water curtain installation service, you don't need to worry about this.

5. What should I do if the digital water curtain is damaged?

We provide you with after-sales service, professional technicians for remote guidance or on-site maintenance.

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