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Light and Water Dance Show

Step into a world of wonder as you witness the breathtaking spectacle of the Creative Water Dance Show. This extraordinary performance seamlessly blends the ethereal beauty of water with the mesmerizing allure of lights, transporting the audience to a realm of magic and fantasy.


A light and water dance show is a performance that combines lighting and water effects to create a visually stunning and dynamic display. The fountains are choreographed to move and spray water in time with music and lights, creating a visual and auditory spectacle.This type of show typically features synchronized movement of water fountains, lights, and music, and can include other elements such as pyrotechnics and laser effects. These shows are often held in outdoor venues such as water parks, theme parks, and public squares, and are a popular form of entertainment for visitors and locals alike.

Light and water dance show choreography

Dalisi can design water shows in different dance forms, and design light and water dance show that blend with the environment according to actual needs and the surrounding environment.

We will use programming software to program the water show performance, and at the same time make adjustments according to the characteristics and layout of each fountain. Each LED light, electronic valve, pump, projector, laser, flamethrower or central diffuser is controlled by DMX Control Panels.

Water Dance Show Design

Water Dance Show Design is the most basic, and programming is required to realize the design. We can create water shows for walking fountains, ballet fountains, luminous fountains, art fountains and cascade fountains, etc., always taking into account the size of the fountains available and the type of effect we wish to install.

To make the fountains even more spectacular, we recommend installing them in open spaces.


Q: What information do I need to provide before I get a quote of the fountain?

Re: Confirm some of the questions below. 

1. Determine what type of fountain you need (musical or non-musical, etc.) 2. What is the size of the fountain installation site and fountain? (pictures or CAD drawings) 3. Water quality (freshwater or sea water) 4. Fountain budget (if you have) 5. Special requirements (if any) 

Q: Is your fountain company well known in the fountain industry? 

Re: Yes, We are famous brand. We are one of the top fountain enterprises in the fountain industry. We've been in the fountain business for 20 years.

Q: How long does the fountain design take?

Re: 2-3 days for design, and 7 days if you want to do the animation,

Q: Do you offer installation services?

Re: We will send engineers overseas to guide our customers in installation

Q: How long does production take?

Re: It usually takes about 20-30 days.

Q: What warranty does your product have

Re: We provide 2 year warranty for the pump and LED lights, and the lifetime warranty for other parts. Every year we will send an installer to the site to maintain the equipment.

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