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Large Scale Water Dance Show


Large Scale Water Dance Show Design - Dalisi Company

When Large Scale Water Dance Show is mentioned in contemporary times, most of them still refer to the computer-controlled outdoor artificial fountain landscaping, because they have become one of the key points of tourism. With multiple sets of submersible motors, several colors of lights, and fixed music tracks, the large scale water dance show is quite gorgeous and eye-catching when performing.

Most of the design system of large scale water dance show requires a powerful motor, a large amount of water, and sprinklers of different designs, and then use the computer to design the time and intensity of the sprayed water, and then match it with commonly used modules, such as wave modules, etc., to combine into a dance. Therefore, some people also call water dance as dynamic fountain, music water dance and so on.

Large Scale Water Dance Show Design Points:

Generally speaking, to design a large scale water dance show, you must first write a script based on the landscape and historical and cultural background of the scenic spot, with a main line and chapters, and then build a stage according to the script. Most large scale water dance show use natural landscapes as performances The background, with the water curtain as the main performance element, takes the history, humanities and traditional folk customs as the main performance content.

The large scale water dance show is mainly composed of water projection screens, water curtains, fountains, 3D projections, lights, lasers, music, etc. The large scale water dance show should be combined with the rhythm of music. Using the water projection screen as the projection medium, the holographic projection technology is used to turn the water into an imaging screen, presenting wonderful visual content.

Dalisi Large Scale Water Dance Show Design Cases:

 large-scale water dance show in Samarkand for the SCO in 2022

large-scale water dance show in Lanhe River in China

 large-scale floating music fountain in Ziya River in Tianjin

Construction Pictures

Large Scale Water Dance Show

FAQ about Large Scale Water Dance Show Design:

Q: What information do I need to provide before I get a quote of the fountain?

Re: Confirm some of the questions below. 

1. Determine what type of fountain you need (musical or non-musical, etc.) 2. What is the size of the fountain installation site and fountain? (pictures or CAD drawings) 3. Water quality (freshwater or sea water) 4. Fountain budget (if you have) 5. Special requirements (if any) 

Q: Is your fountain company well known in the fountain industry? 

Re: Yes, We are famous brand. We are one of the top fountain enterprises in the fountain industry. We've been in the fountain business for 20 years.

Q: How long does the fountain design take?

Re: 2-3 days for design, and 7 days if you want to do the animation,

Q: Do you offer installation services?

Re: We will send engineers overseas to guide our customers in installation

Q: How long does production take?

Re: It usually takes about 20-30 days.

Q: What warranty does your product have

Re: We provide 2 year warranty for the pump and LED lights, and the lifetime warranty for other parts. Every year we will send an installer to the site to maintain the equipment.

Large Scale Water Dance Show


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