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How to Make a Dancing Fountain

Dec. 12, 2022

Music fountain, as a high-tech water feature, is very popular at home and abroad. Today, here is a brief introduction on how to build a musical fountain. We summarize the steps that need to be followed to develop a dancing fountain in a technical and commercial way.

General steps to follow in building a musical fountain:

1. First of all, it is necessary to formulate the production process of the musical fountain. Study the production plan, design the fountain according to the relevant on-site drawings and fountain water sample requirements provided by the customer, and make relevant drawings, such as fountain design drawings, fountain layout drawings, civil engineering coordination sketches, etc.

2. Materials required for processing, such as: pipe making, pipe bending, pipe network welding, pipe field laying, water pump positioning, nozzle installation, etc. The musical fountain should be manufactured according to civil engineering technology.

3. Hydraulic calculation and nozzle production According to the customer's requirements for the fountain, water spray height and water type, design the slope of the nozzle and the diameter of the inlet and outlet, and manufacture and assemble the nozzle.

4. Hydraulic calculation and pump configuration Calculate the injection height and head of the pump according to customer requirements and site conditions, and equip the appropriate type of pump.

5. The design of the sound system and supporting facilities is based on the performance needs of the fountain, the sound composition is calculated and selected, and the sound console is programmed through special software. And make the control cabinet and control program according to the needs of music performance, the water pump is designed with numerical control frequency conversion or relay control. Determine the composition of the control loop and the number and configuration of control cabinets.

6. Debug electronic components according to requirements, manufacture and assemble control cabinets according to design drawings. Collect customer's fountain music, use the editing program of the music fountain editing and production system, and pre-install the computer system

7. After the installation and programming, the goods are manufactured and transported to the site. The music fountain manufacturer sends technicians to guide the installation.

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How to Make a Dancing Fountain

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