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The Magical Use of Lighting in Music Fountain Art

Dec. 05, 2022

The overall visual effect of the musical fountain is through the light of different directions of projection organization. In the theoretical system of stage lighting, changing the direction of light projection is the means of character, and scenery modeling. Dalisi fountain is focused on the design and construction of musical fountains, mainly engaged in various forms of control of fountain water features.

Music Fountain


In the fountain lighting, the difference in the direction of projection will also cause a difference in the form of the fountain. But the difference is that the stage is seen by the audience only on one side, but the fountain landscape is mostly available for all-round viewing. So, for only a single view of the fountain, you can follow the stage lighting way. But for the full range of perspectives of the fountain, generally more up and to the center of the light method.


The following is a summary of the fountain lighting method of categorization, mainly divided into two categories of water lighting and underwater lighting. This article mainly introduces the method of water lighting.


Water lighting can be used in some of the playgrounds or building lighting in the commonly used floodlights, and strobe lighting.


1. Positive light


In the fountain, light brightness is not enough when the fountain is near the placement of the light frame for the overall fill light or increase the light texture of the water. If only fill light, that is the surface light on the stage, lay evenly on the good. If it is to increase the light texture of the water, it will vary depending on the shape of the music fountain. Designers use frontal light to light up the water column segments and increase the texture so that the entire water column looks magnificent.

Music Fountain


2. Back light


This angle is generally used in the large-scale single-view fountain, often with laser lights or high-powered lamps and lanterns to create a sense of distance and backlighting effect, so that the whole picture looks more texture, more three-dimensional, and farther away from the visual space. At the same time, the light through the water presents a more translucent color, and the nozzle center light color chalking to form a contrast, increasing the sense of reality. In addition, the water curtain film technology is also realized by means of rear projection.


3. Side light


This is only in a single view of the fountain that will be used in the light position. Cast light from the side is mainly to play a decorative role, but there are some fountain modeling conditions that require side lighting. And side light has the role of modifying the shape, changing its visual volume. In the design of lighting, the concept and stage lighting in the same side light, the higher the side position shows the less part of the visual effect of floating in the air. And from a single point of view, with side light from the left and right directions cut into the fountain, each fountain water is illuminated section together, like a curtain of beads across the air, as if hidden.



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