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What Are The Advantages of Musical Fountains?

Nov. 17, 2022

1. Music fountain beautification and environmental protection function


Various types of water fountains, the fountains show function is also to fully demonstrate the main function of beautification and environmental protection. On the one hand, the musical fountain shows the builder's momentum and strength, showing the grade of the residential community and the scale of environmental beautification. Or it is the city square or commercial center of the decorative embellishment function, playing the role of the finishing touch.


On the other hand, the water fountain, especially the large musical fountain show, the surrounding environment, and people are playing a function of environmental health. Because the water spraying process generated in the water mist, can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust, reduce the temperature, and the water can be processed and recycled.


A beautiful environment at the same time also saves a lot of water resources. Waterscape fountain jets out of the water droplet impact produces a large number of negative oxygen ions, quite beneficial to human health.


Music Fountain

2. Music fountain synthesis function


People are not satisfied with watching the water type to listen to music. Music, fountains, lighting, laser, projection, and even choreography, actors, and drones, with a certain theme story woven together, form a large-scale live water show drama.


3. Music fountain art function


Throughout the world history of fountain development and music fountain project of the past and present, only those who craft simple, artistic modeling classic and vital water fountains, will be as evergreen as the development of elements of the fashion world. Waterscape fountain shows, especially the artistic effect of the music fountain, the climax.

Music Fountain

Ten thousand rays shot into the sky, the sound, light, electricity, water, and fire combined with the magnificent beauty of the visual feast. In general, the artistic effect of the water fountain, the need for the water fountain design company's continuous innovation of subtle ideas and solid practical experience in landscape construction, and the surrounding urban buildings of the landscape coordination.


Strive for harmony and unity, reflecting the combination of light and color, reflecting the combination of function and art. The successful realization of these artistic design concepts is inseparable from the program conception, effect design, three-dimensional animation design and construction drawing design, and other several artistic effect design links.


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