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DMX technology control panel design about square musical fountain

Jun. 20, 2017

When facing the design of a Control Panel for a cybernetic fountain, we must start by choosing between the DMX or PLC technology.

Custom Square Musical Fountain

Musical fountain: we will always use the DMX protocol by integrating a computer (or tablet PC) in the Control Panel. DMX512, often shortened to DMX (Digital MultipleX) is an electronic protocol used in lighting technologies to control shows lighting, allowing communication between the lights control equipment and light sources. In the case of musical fountains, we use the DMX protocol and specific software that allows us to integrate the musical choreography with water features and lights.

Based on the detailed requirements at the beginning of this article we will develop the control panel to rule your dancing fountain.

Interactive fountain without music: depending on the complexity of the project we may use the PLC or DMX protocol. Usually we resort to DMX protocol to control a large number of elements used independently and to PLC in cases where there are more physical groupings of common elements.

Anyway, SafeRains technical department always makes the decision based on technical and economic criteria that best suit your dancing fountain project.

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