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A good water pump decide a successful dance music fountain

Jun. 16, 2017

Making a dance music fountain need a water pump. Here I mainly talk about the choice of water pumps.

dance music fountain

It is essential to consider the following points:

1. Choosing between dry pumps or submersible pumps. The choice between one kind or another depends on the type of dancing fountain you're making.

2. Nozzles fed by each water pump. This choice is critical for the further development of the aquatic choreography that could be performed by the dancing fountain.

3. Choice of pump power: once we have chosen the type of pump (submerged or dry) and the nozzles, we choose the power of these bombs. This will be determined by the pressure and flow data that have to be provided to the nozzles. This information is contained in the product data sheet of each of our nozzles.

4. Determine if the pumps will be controlled by a frequency converter or if instead will be direct starting. In cases where you want the water jets to ascend and descend in a controlled way, we will choose a frequency converter, whereas if this issue is not necessary, we will opt for a direct starting water pump. That reduces programming complexity and cheapens much the electric part of the project, as frequency converters are expensive items.

Only choose a high quality water pump, you can manufacture a successful dance music fountain.

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