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We are a professional large music fountain design company. Here are some commercial fountains project cases. Our passion for creating captivating water features has led us to design and construct these remarkable fountains, each with its unique story and purpose.

Why choose us?

Choose DALISI to build your fountain because we specialize in fountain design and construction services for Landscape companies, Property Developers, EPC companies, Municipalities, and Irrigation companies. With rich design and construction experience, we have successfully completed more than 100 fountain projects for Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil, Argentina and other countries. Our dedicated team comprises hydro-power designers, lighting designers, animation designers, art directors, and more, ensuring top-notch designs. Plus, we offer an advanced engineering after-sales system, providing on-site operation training and continuous online support. Count on us for outstanding fountain equipment, backed by invention patents and a top-tier mechanical engineering team, securing every project's success.

A fountain service provider that integrates the design, construction and installation of large-scale fountain projects. Contact us today to customize your unique fountain project!

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Our Works

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