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Reasons for the Popularity of Water Curtain Film

Jan. 13, 2023

Today, as the process of urban modernization continues to advance, there are more and more fountain projects with unique landscape features and powerful functions in the society, which have been successfully developed and widely used, including what we are going to talk about today— —Water curtain film

The water curtain movie fountain has been welcomed by people as soon as it appeared, and has become an inaccessible means of drainage for many commercial districts or tourists. So, do you know why the Water curtain film is so popular? Next, Beijing Dalisi Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. will explain to you, so that everyone can have a simple understanding of this fountain.

Water curtain film technology is a multimedia technology produced in the late 1980s. It uses a beam of light to shine on the water surface, showing a strong three-dimensional film effect. The water curtain behind the "screen" sprays water at a bottom-up speed, atomizes the water, and then projects the "screen" water curtain film from the projector. The water curtain can be as high as 20 meters.

Water curtain film

What are the reasons for the popularity of Water curtain film?

1. The screen/curtain is huge

Generally, small water curtains are close to 10 meters in length and width, and the area is about 100 square meters. Large-scale water curtains on the lake can be more than 150 meters long and 30 meters high. To be clear, it can be seen how big the water curtain of the Water curtain film is, and it is precisely because of this that it attracts many people to watch.

2. Various forms

There are many forms of water curtain movie fountains, which can be simple (water curtain movie fountains in the pool plane), unique rectangular vertical plane water curtain movie fountains, irregular vertical plane water curtain movie fountains, and 360-degree It is circular and three-dimensional, and there is even a circular water curtain movie fountain. Are so many water curtain film forms not enough to attract you?

3. Shocking visual impact

The ultra-high water curtain, coupled with super-powerful sound effects and unpredictable laser beams, looks dazzling and colorful, like a mirage, making the audience feel as if they are in a fairyland full of fairy spirit.

4. The viewing environment is suitable for all kinds of people

As we all know, the water curtain film show is projected outdoors. The projection curtain composed of water curtains is also a natural tool for relieving heat and cooling down. On a hot summer night, watching movies can not only enjoy a visual and auditory feast, but also spend a wonderful night in a cool environment. What a treat.

5. Wide audience

The angle of watching the water curtain film show can be close or far. Of course, depending on the viewing position and angle, the effect will be very different, and the feeling of enjoying the water curtain movie fountain is also different.

Well, the above is the explanation of the reasons for the popularity of Water Curtain Film. I hope this article will help you understand it.

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