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The working principle of outdoor music fountain

Sep. 28, 2017

  Outdoor music fountain is controlled by the rhythm of the music. When the music is high, the fountain will be poured into the water column, the air is full of water mist. When low, the fountain water column is very low. If the music suddenly stopped, the air in the water column will be violent to fall, splashing water, wet onlookers of the clothes.


  Fountain with the ups and downs of the music, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes majestic, sometimes moderate… the water sprayed with colorful, yellow, red, blue, green, and pink, very beautiful and spectacular. The shape of the outdoor music fountain is also varied. Some like a staggered arch bridge, some like a straight pillar, and some like open flowers. Whenever the outdoor music fountain accompanied the music to show to people its magic and charming style, many visitors are happily watching, linger.

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