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How many fountains do you know?

Sep. 15, 2017

Music Fountain - A fountain that uses a music signal to regulate fountains and lights by playing or enjoying dwell music.

Programmable fountain - In accordance with the pre-edit program to alter the water spray modeling and gentle coloration modifications in the fountain. Procedures will be modified at any time, can even store a wide range of procedures, free to call.

Excessive fountain - usually refers to the height of the fountain in more than 100 meters. Also known as 100 meters fountain, magnificent magnificent, spectacular.

Large water curtain - refers to a large semi-circular or rectangular water curtain wall, mixed with laser generator or film player will be within the water display for laser present or play water display screen film.

Giant waterfall - Large synthetic waterfall, water film, water curtain-like drop from the peak of the water form, drop the water circulation will be velocity, but in addition for the speed and pulse. Springs - quite a few first-line association of the nozzle, in accordance with timing management of water, represent a wide range of types of instantaneous adjustments within the fountain.

Music Fountain

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