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How to make dancing music fountain?

Jun. 10, 2017

The fact of defining correctly the dancing music fountain scenario determines the rest of the project. What I present below are the requirements that we need to start working on our musical fountain project.

dancing music fountain

· Fountain nozzles: to start working we need to define the number, type, location, height and departure angle of all the water jets that are in the cybernetic fountain. The arrangement of the nozzles will be crucial so that we can then define one or another water choreography for the dancing fountain.

· Solenoid valves: we must determine which nozzles will be controlled by solenoid valves (submersible or not) because this will determine the interactivity with each water jet and ultimately the dynamism of the musical fountain. Although the ideal choice is that each nozzle has its own solenoid valve, this can also be done by submersible pumps (as shown in the map of this project, due to the particular customer's choice)

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