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Eternal City of Samarkand • Large-scale Water Dance Show

Uzbekistan Samarkand 2022

The Silk Road Samarkand Tourism Center (the eternal city of ancient Samarkand), the Dalisi Fountain Company created a large-scale water dance show.

On-site construction

On-site construction

The multi-purpose tourism complex covers an area of 212 hectares and is a modern attraction throughout Central Asia, with 4 world-class hotels, 4 professional health and wellness boutique hotels, modern public spaces, parks, entertainment and sports areas, authentic restaurants, international Convention center and cultural monument.

The water show is 130 meters long, with a central spray height of 50 meters, 3 huge fan-shaped water curtains, clever use of multimedia technology, lasers, projections, computer lights, etc. The live effects are dazzling and the scene is shocking.make people dance to the music.

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Why Choose Dalis?

1. Dalis has rich design and construction experience: has successfully designed and built more than 100 fountain projects.

2. Our company has a professional fountain design team, including hydropower designers, lighting designers, animation designers, art directors, etc.

3. Advanced engineering after-sales system:Advanced engineering after-sales system:On-site operation training; guide customers to solve relevant problems through the network at any time.

4. outstanding fountain equipment: Dalis has a number of invention patents and a first-class mechanical engineering team, constantly escorting every engineering project.

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